STAR KILLER join forces with Wendigo Productions. Full Length Album to hit Dec. 2012 with Underground NYC Rock Producer Stacy O’Dell behind the boards.

It’s official. A Star Killer full length album will be released in the near future. Dec 2012 to be exact. So you may or may not have about 2-3 weeks to enjoy the record before the whole world goes to hell ;)

WENDIGO PRODUCTIONS has signed on as Executive Producer. And soon to be legendary NYC underground Producer Stacy O’Dell will be behind the boards. This promises to be one of the best, if not the best release by a NYC rock band in 2012 / 2013.

The recording is well under way, and everyone has been keeping it tight lipped for the past few weeks. But now the cats out of the bag, so let the fun begin!! The first teaser track off the record will be released in about a month. Just in time for the upcoming STAR KILLER show at Irving Plaza on Sept 8th. By the way, there will be an exclusive release only available at the show that night! So this show is one not to be be missed. 

Stacy O’Dell had this to say about his involvement with Star Killer and this upcoming album.

"After seeing Star Killer the first time I asked myself , Why aren’t these guys huge?"

"Star Killer possess everything I need to deliver a hit record. Great pop songs, great musicianship & a group cooperative that lends to a great product."

Wendy Scripps of Wendigo Productions had this to say. 

Star Killer is one of, if not the hottest new band in NYC and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the undeniable rise of this amazing band.”

"Star Killer to me is if Soundgarden and Marilyn Manson had a baby and they gave birth to it in Tompkins Square Park. They will be NYC’s answer to finally having a modern day hard rock band to make a serious impact. I cant wait !" 


Celebrating Wendy Wendigo’s 50th and CBGB’s Fest with some KILLER guest appearances + “Who The Fuck is Tommy London?”

In the past month Jasin Cadic was asked by 2 of the hottest bands in NYC, and very close friends The Dirty Pearls and Killcode, to join them on stage to sing.

First The Dirty Pearls were headlining the CBGB fest on July 5th @ Highline Ballroom in NYC. Jasin was called out for The Pearls fan favorite song “Bruises”. Check out the video and pics below. Complete with Jasin sporting his “Who The Fuck is Tommy London?” shirt. It definitely was the highlight of the night and a great moment for the fans and the band.

Next was The CODE! Wendy of WENDIGO PRODUCTIONS was celebrating her 50th B-day @ Irving Plaza on July 21st, and Jasin jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the celebration. At this point if KILLCODE are playing in NYC, you can bet that Jasin will be jumping on stage for their hit “Devil Song”. Also joining them on stage this time was Chris Wyse, Bassist for the legendary rock band, The Cult.

Happy 50th Birthday Wendy !! NYC RnR!!

STAR KILLER plays The Dirty Pearls SOLD OUT Record release party @ Gramercy Theater May 5th 2012

To continue a very exciting year for Star Killer, we were asked to be direct support for The Dirty Pearls Record Release Party @ Gramercy Theater on May 5th 2012. Like all the previous times The Pearls and SK are on the bill together, it was another packed sold out show .The night was a who’s who of the NYC rock scene from hosts, Dj’s to special guests. Also on the bill were 2 new hot up and coming bands in NYC, Liquid blonde and Hussle Club. Along with the one and only Breedlove.

The Pearls and SK swapped guest appearances by one anothers frontmen. First Tommy London made a special unannounced surprise appearance on stage with Star Killer to sing along on their cover of the Muse song Uprising. And to keep it going, The Pearls then asked Jasin to join them on stage for their song Bruises. 

It was nothing less then amazing. We’re very grateful to have been asked to be a part of such an important night for our good friends The Dirty Pearls. 

Check them out and order their new CD ” Whether You Like it or Not ” here!! 



Coming off the March 6th show at Irving Plaza with Orgy, STAR KILLER were then asked by Wendigo Productions to be added to the KILLCODE CD release party @ Bowery Ballroom on March 24th. The bill also included the bands Eva and Her Virgins, Stoned Fire and Vajra. Once again this combination yielded yet another SOLD OUT show! Also at this show Star Killer were joined on stage with the one and only Kayvon Zand to perform Nine Inch Nails, Head Like a Hole. The show was a great success and a milestone not only for the bands involved but also for the NYC scene as a whole. There was not only one sold out show this night but two! Across town Gotham Rocks also had a Sold Out show at Gramercy Theater. Proof positive that this scene is growing and there’s no end in sight!  




STAR KILLER opens for ORGY March 6th 2012 @ Irving Plaza NYC

STAR KILLER opens for ORGY March 6th 2012 @ Irving Plaza NYC

Star Killer were asked to open for Industrial Rock Legends Orgy for the NYC stop on their Bad Blood Tour at Irving Plaza. Also on the bill were fellow local NY band and good friends Beta Plus Embryo, as well as the Texas duo One Eyed Doll. It was an amazing night with both local bands packing the place hours before Orgy even took the stage. To quote a Live Nation rep when they saw the line wrapped around the building before doors he said ” what the hell is going on here? ” Whats going on here my friend is that you invited Star Killer to the game so strap in! There was an amazing show of support from the entire NYC scene, as fellow bands as well as fans came out to support us. Showing Live Nation and a national act such as Orgy, how we support our own here in NYC. And for that we are truly grateful! 

Review of the show from Musician Photo Journal:

Louie warms up to some Maiden :

Members of STAR KILLER participate in the HATE THE HATE 1 year Anniversary Acoustic Celebration February 21, 2012 @ Tammany Hall NY

Members of STAR KILLER Jasin Cadic, Lou LaRossa and Michael Maclvor participate in the HATE THE HATE 1 year Anniversary Acoustic Celebration February 21, 2012 @ Tammany Hall NY 

On February 26th of 2011 a new form of Fundraiser event debuted in NYC.

It’s name: Tim No 37 presents HATE the HATE

Fueled by the experience of his own bias attacks, HATE the HATE creator,
Tim “No 37” Martinez, found solace in his nightmare by creating a movement that would, inevitably, bring together some of the top names in the entertainment industry (especially in NYC) to fight against hate crimes, bullying and also suicide. 

Tim No 37 presents HATE the HATE has thus far has bought together some of the most predominate/noted names in entertainment, i.e.: Chef Chris Santos, Cisely Saldana, Juliya Chernetsky, Tyler Burrow, Zeena Koda, Cane Peterson, Jennifer “Jenncity” Arroyo, Mia Tyler, Tommy Vext and more. Performances by the TOP rock ‘n roll/metal acts in NYC: i.e.: KHZ, The August Infinity, Acey Slade and The Dark Party, Ghosts of Eden, Sweet Fix, Bound By Substance, Fall Of The Albatross, Star Killer, King Hell, Krista, Beta Plus Embryo, Angel Vivaldi and Crooked Man. 

And all together we took a stand against bullying and suicide and raised OVER $4,000 for:

The Trevor Project, It Gets Better Project, American Foundation of Suicide Prevention and The Hetrick-Martin Institute.

To celebrate the birth and a HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL first year, we at HATE the HATE will be throwing a celebration of life. Because all together WE HAVE SAVED lives!!!

So therefore to celebrate, there will be acoustic performances by HATE the HATE alumni as well as future HATE the HATE participants all getting together to celebrate LIFE, ACCEPTANCE and TOLERANCE where the first HATE the HATE took place.

Tammany Hall.











GAZELLE (featuring Zeena Koda)

V/DJ Chris Landry 

hosted by: Tim No 37, Tyler Burrow, Juliya Chernetsky, Arden Leigh, Angelina DelCarmen of Charetta, Santino Noir of Scarlet Carson

HATE THE HATE ALLSTARS perform NIN - Something I Can Never Have

HATE THE HATE ALLSTARS perform Deftones - Passenger

STAR KILLER Hits the Recording Studio working on new album to be released in 2012

Star Killer have been hard at work, writing and recording our follow up to the “As the Sky is Falling” EP. Due out sometime in 2012.

Download ”As the Sky is Falling” EP Free here

Again we headed back to Jupiter 4 Studio to start recording drums and vocals with Steve Schalk behind the boards, and then Rob Hayder of Star Killer taking care of the Guitars and Production on the other end. Stay Tuned for more news, advance songs, clips and videos coming soon!!

STAR KILLER @ Mercury Lounge January 27th 2012 

Star Killer were asked to kick off 2012 with Killcode at their Advance CD release Party @ Mercury Lounge January 27th 2012. The show also included The Compulsions, Stoned Fire and Vajra. This was the warm up gig for Killcode’s official CD release party that will take place @ Bowery Ballroom in March of 2012. Needless to say this show was sold out way in advance and became the hottest ticket in town that night. This show was not only Star Killer’s first show of 2012 but also our first show with Michael Maclvor on guitar. Nick Baron of Beta Plus Embryo also joined Star Killer on stage for a few songs and all and all, it was an amazing night and there was no better way to kick 2012 into high gear.

Star Killer -The Hunt Mercury Lounge Jan.27th 2012


STAR KILLER 2011 Year in Review

Jan 2011

After getting Star Killer off the ground at the tale end of 2010 with shows @ HOB in New Orleans, Public Assembly in Brooklyn and then the Dirty Pearls Xmas show @ Don Hills NYC  , that momentum carried full blast into 2011 . In January Jason Armabile from the Sexy Armpit named Star Killer #3 on their top 10  bands of 2010. Also in January our song ‘the Hunt” appeared in the TV episode pilot of Ghost Trek written and Directed by Micheal Plumides who had this to say about the band in Blurt Magazine.

"By combining raw, sludgy metal a la late eighties bands like SMACK and L.A. GUNS, with the industrial drones of SKINNY PUPPY, and the swirly, experimental caterwaul of KORN and JANE’S ADDICTION, STAR KILLER rocks with an intensity all their own. With monster guitar riffs, a thundering rhythm section, and gritty, provocative vocal stylings, STAR KILLER brings some serious attitude, New York-style."

STAR KILLER video for As The Sky is Falling , recorded live @ Don Hills 12/14/10  edited by Scott and Max Rosenbaum

STAR KILLER named #3 on the Sexy Armpit top 10 of 2010 :

Ghost Trek website and Trailer:

Feb 2011

Tim no37 Martinez asked us to participate in the first Hate the Hate event @ Tammany hall NYC  along with KHZ , Acey Slade and the Dark Party and the August Infinity.HATE the HATE is designed to raise awareness against Hate Crimes, Bullying and Discrimination that has been running rampant in the United States.The proceeds of this event went  to  The Hetrick-Martin Institute and The Trevor Project. The show was sold out and a great success and we were very happy to support such a great cause.

STAR KILLER interviewed by Tim no 37 on their involvement @ Hate the Hate

March/April 2011 

March was a jammed packed month for us, first we kicked the month off @ QXTS in Newark NJ  and our boy Jay Armabile was there to cover what went down.

Review of STAR KILLER @ QXTs on Sexy Armpit:,

Then we follow that up a few days later playing the Pui Ritual Party @ Goldskull studios where people were packed shoulder to shoulder and were climbing the walls. Its good to know that real under ground partys still exsist in NYC,  heres a clip of how crazy it got.

STAR KILLER @ Gold Skull

March also was very exciting, Star Killer frontman Jasin Cadic was asked by the NY band The Dirty Pearls to star in and direct their video for “who’s coming back to who ” Rob Hayder and Ian Krier also made cameos in the video. (can you count the Star Killer stickers????) 

The Dirty Pearls -“who’s coming Back to Who”

STAR KILLER  interviewed on the video set 

And then finally to end off an amazing month, we got the news that Combichrist named Star Killer as one of their support acts for the Making Monsters North American Tour !!

Which then meant April was just full speed ahead with our heads down and non stop rehearsals for the up coming tour with Combichrist that was going to run May 2nd - June 5th 

Tour Press Realease

May/June 2011

COMBICHRIST North American Making Monsters II Tour 2011 !

Star Killer was named along with Ivardensphere as support bands for the Combichrist Making Monsters North American Tour. So on May 1st we loaded the sprinter and headed out on our first tour which would take us across the United States and back. To say it was a time we will never soon forget is a huge understatement and we cant thank Combichrist, their manager Jason Fiber their crew Choo Choo, ,Chris,Bobby, Austn , Tiffany and MJ enough for the experience and the oppurtunity.Along with our now good friends Scott and Yann from Ivardensphere in tow

we followed Combichrist across the country as they were also direct support opening for Industrial/Metal gods Rammstein on their first US tour in over 10 yrs !! Along the way other great bands jumped on the tour for some area runs among them were Angel Spit, the Great Americon and Deadstar Assembly.  You can read a daily description of all the amazing shows and as well as all the daily non sense that went down on Joe Letz’s tour blog.

Joe Letz’s Tour Blog

Combistrike and 3 Killers takeover ” WOOSTER” Mass

Joe Letz from Combichrist performs the Hunt with Star Killer in ATL

Abbey Nex from Combichrist performs Just One Fix with Star Killer in ATL

Jasin Cadic joins Combichrist on stage in SC for What the Fuck is Wrong With You

Combichrist Final Show/ Final Song of Tour Chaos in Atl

After returning home in early June we took a break from each others faces and stink for a few days and then it was right back to it we had to pull it back together to prepare for the sold out show @ The Bowery ballroom which was the Dirty Pearls Video release party on June 30th.  

Star Killer -As the Sky is Falling @ The Bowery Ballroom

July 2011

Mama Trash invited Star Killer to participate in the first ever Trash Fest in the US which took place @ The Lengendary Dobbs in Philadelphia. July also marked the return of The Freak Show!! Jasin was asked to go down to the VF store and talk about what it was like to being on tour with Combichrist and what does Joe Letz really do with all those unicorns???

To end off July we were asked to play the first Cybertron at its new home The Gramercy Theater in NYC was an amazing show and it completed our NY hat trick for 2011, having played 3 of the biggest venues in NYC Irving plaza , Bowery Ballroom and now the Gramercy Theater . 

Star Killer @ Trash Fest 2011

Vampire Freaks Freak Show 2.1

Ad for Cybertron show

August 2011

In August the film “The Perfect Age of Rock n Roll” hit theaters it was co written by Jasin Cadic. Also Rob Hayder and Jasin Cadic of Star Killer remixed the song ” Turn Me On” for the fictitious band the Lost Soulz. Not only does the track appear in the film but also a full video of the song is also available on the DVD which is now on sale. Definitely check it out!

Sept-Dec 2011 

For the past few months we have been hard at work writing and recording our follow to As the Sky is Falling, which will be released early 2012.  

2011 was an amazing year and we had the oppurtunity to play for and meet so many amazing people. Thank you all for making our first year as a band such a memorable one. 

And 2012 promises to be just as exciting , with a new album on the way along with , remixes, videos and a lot more shows in and out of NYC already being scheduled . Stay Tuned because Star Killer is just getting started! 

 We will leave you with this picture because 2012 not only means new songs , albums and shows oh no its also the year we search for Steve’s penis he lost it some where on tour. We think those Ivardensphere guys had something to do with it or of course Joe Letz. Please keep an eye out for it, and see you in 2012!!-Star Killer 

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Star Killer talks to Tim No 37 about Tim No 37 Presents Hate the Hate